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17 May 2020 22:01 #46690 by Algernon
Welcome to Scenario School was created by Algernon
Following a conversation between myself and Mr Broon about the creation of AI scenarios, this is a new subforum specifically for developing said scenarios, which can be a useful tool to bring unity to the environment and organisation of FlightNights, and add exciting dimensions such as competitive flight (like the Mach Loop, Fightertag and The Limits).

It should be noted that AI scenarios are a bit broken in current versions of FlightGear, but we're told this should be fixed soon, maybe already has been fixed (in 2020.1), and so hopefully AI scenario development may have become easier again.

We'll be trying to make it as easy as possible to put together a scenario to add immersion, realism and synchronicity to single-player and MP flight through AI scenarios in the coming threads.
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