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06 Mar 2017 22:44 #32945 by timi
Ship Motion Calculator was created by timi
I made an excel sheet to calculate the motion factors for the rocking ships. I used to do this by parking a chopper on the pad, record it's angles while the ship rocks, average the results and adjust the factors. But I figured there must be a way to calculate that without this time consuming calibration part. So I took a good look at the code and figured it out.

The way it works is that you first select roll and pitch angles for the ship from this table:

Then you input those values to the excel sheet here:

Or to the LibreOffice sheet here:

Use the same values for pitch and heave. I pulled the heave motion out my hat by just thinking that maybe the same factor works since the motions are related.

Since the table is meant for moderate sea conditions I take that to mean 11 kts winds from the Beaufort scale:

So input 11 kts to the wind speed in the sheet. Now you should have the factors for the roll, pitch and heave animations on the sheet calculated for you.

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