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Heli Kit FG Stck configuration Heli Kit FG Stck configuration

This is a configuration  file for the Heli Kit, Helicopter Specific controls.

These commercial Helicopter Flight Sticks do require a minor alteration to work in Flightgear. Please see the related article HERE on  how to make them work.

See the attached image file for the  button configuration. NOTE, the Search light + Landing light functions are currently  for the FGUK Lighting pack and should work with any aircraft with the pack fitted.

How to install the Config file :-

Unzip the file. Copy the HELI-KIT.xml file to:-

C: /Users / (your profile) / AppData / Roaming  / flightgear.org / Input


The Configuration should now be available  on the pull down menu of the Joystick Configuration screen in FlightGear.


LicenseGNU/GPL external
Created byStuartC
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