16th Feb, 8pm UK time.  Come and get your   Deck Qualifications.


Yes. Helicopter  and  Helideck landing qualifications.
First part of the night will be practice. second part you will need to complete 3 consecutive   Deck landings  to gain your qualification ( I will be watching, taking names and publishing results ).

We will be using the  Multiplayer Type 45 available Here:-

The heli deck on a type 45 is suitable for Helicopters up to  Merlin sized, so  choose your chopper accordingly.
Any choppers NOT available   in the FGUK hangers must be linked on the forum  thread by no later than 8pm UK time on FRIDAY. Turning up in a random  chopper on the night will result in  disqualification.

The Area of operation with be  off the Ayrshire coast, Scotland. Nearest Airport will be EGPK  Prestwick.

This event is a big experiment to see if we can make large scale use of small ships  on multiplayer.

Voice coms will be on our TS   as usual:-


Main event thread:-


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