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FGUK’s first Orthophotos Scenery texture pack

This is the Whole of Scotland ( 99% Coverage ) Orthophotos terrain textures.This is for use with  FlightGear 2020.4 or above which has photo scenery support. It will not work on any previous  versions.
All   files are in .DDS format.
CAUTION *** 4.25gb HD space required !!  ***

How to install:-
Method 1:-
Unzip the archive and set the “Scotland” folder as a custom scenery folder.

Unzip the archive and  from within it, copy the “Orthophotos” folder to your main Terrasync folder.
Once you do ether of the above, you need to enable the Photo Scenery tick box in sim under the  VIEW- RENDERING OPTIONS   menu. 

Demo video:

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