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2020.4 Photoscenery

I have been asked to explain how I create the flight-night Photoscenery, many thanks go to the creator of the new method I-BASSY.

First you need to follow the install of the required software, follow the wiki


A very detailed and simple to follow instructions (even on windows PC) once you have this in place,  it is simple process to generate PS.

The method I use is paste a command line into a cmd window and press return (I use a text file with example command lines in, which I edit for the new PS)

julia -t 4 photoscenary.jl  -p J:\fgp_Julia --route AZ.xml -s 2 -r 10 --over 1 -d 0

Where J:\fgp_Julia is my working folder for my PS

AZ.xml is a FG routemaster file in the export directory of FG settings (C:\Users\hc172\AppData\Roaming\flightgear.org)

The software then runs and generates the PS tiles in new folder called Orthophotos which I then paste into a new empty folder.


The software is very powerful and can be used to create PS for a airfield, a tile, a area of land.


julia -t 3 photoscenary.jl -p J:\fgp_Julia -s 4 -i EGOD


julia -t 3 photoscenary.jl  -p J:\fgp_Julia -r 5 -s 3 --debug 1 -a 46.029285 -o 7.753368 --attemps 3


julia -t 3 photoscenary.jl -p J:\fgp_Julia -r 5 -s 4 --tile 1007466

Note the route .xml work bests when created/edited/saved inside FG using FG routemaster option and save with .xml extension.

Thanks for that Oly.
Can I ask what the benefit is for the new process over the old one? I haven't done any generation for a while so just interested to see what's developed.


A lot simpler to set up on a Windows PC. Original method needed Python and others bits etc installing and to get working.

The Julia method is more powerful with many other options to generate routes, airfield, tile, area and live flight. Also faster to generate PS tiles