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December 18. Air Zermatt contract.

I did apply for us to do another Contract with Santa and his workshop, but as we killed most the Elves last year, Santa declined our offer in a not to polite  way.

But I picked up a Tour contract for us with Air Zermatt.




Qualifying aircraft will be:-



EC/H130 ( FGUK version only )

EC135  Download that one here :- https://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/fgaddon/HEAD/tree/branches/release-2020.3/Aircraft/ec135/

Only livery to be used is the Air Zermatt ( as its their contract ).

Flight will de running at 100kts ( its a tourist flight ), and we will be  using live weather.

Get practicing and choose the ride that suits your skills.

The route:-


LSGL - Cross the lake and follow the valley from this point.

LSGS- Refuel

LSTA ( Air Zermatt base so look professional on passing  ! )

Carry on  and take a right turn up the Valley at Visp.

LSEZ ( Air Zermatt  base ).

Flypast the Matterhorn.

Cross the border to Italy

LIMW - Final destination.


Good luck.


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Brian VanSpeybroeckeagleSanni

Yum! Can't figure out how to turn off the searchlight in the AS350 but it's gonna be my ride.


centre switch panel.

All lights are default to off unless you are on a very old version of the AS350.

Do some 2020.4 photoscenery for this flight, may be little pointless using these due to the amount of snow already present at this time of the year

OneDrive Link


At to your custom scenery and make active


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Blunt InstrumentSanni

There has been significant snow overnight in the Sion valley. But were a week away from the flight so the weather can  change a lot by then.


The Easiest chopper to fly  on the list is the EC135. Only thing is you need to start it manually.

If you cant fly any of them, all the others except the EC135 have MP Passenger  function, so you can place your   life in the skilled hands of another pilot.

Tonight I shall be flying the H-130.