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E.E. Lightning T Mk. 5 recent updates

Hi all,

Thought I'd give an update regarding the progress on the Lightning saved to the FGUK GitLab repository.

I have been working on a realistic representation of the T5 electrical systems in Nasal, including individual busbars, fuses, and supply wires based on original circuit diagrams and Vol.1 manuals. This allows for individual fuse failures to be modelled (in the future), making specific supply circuits dead, and deactivating the equipment supplied by those circuits. It may seem over-complicated, butin reality is making life more simple when it comes to modelling other systems and instruments that rely on power supplies... ie: laying good foundations first is gong to help.

Also have started modelling the air turbine, gearbox and DC generator. The AWP "Gen" caption now responds correctly in the cockpit, and DC voltage behaviour is pretty nice too, even allowing for a slight creep up / down in response to changes in engine RPM. It will be nice to drive my Lightning Voltmeter with this signal.

The electrical systems are very similar to the F3 and F6 but there are some slight differences (I don't have much documentation for other Mk's), but I imagine the F53 and T55 will also be in the same ball park. Things are complicated a bit further by different modification standards! For now I am only modelling one mod standard (the mod level I have most information on)!

I have also started building up the AC systems too, however this is made more complex when considering 3x fuses, and when the 200V generator system translates to 115V instrument system, with one of the phases being the airframe, leaving 2x fuses, it gets hard to model, so I might take some shortcuts with the AC.

Cheers, Scott


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Few more recent updates:

Organisationally I have started grouping Nasal logic according to the section of the RAF T5 Vol1 manuals. This will make it easier to take the T5 code and adapt it to other Mk's of Lightning as the Vol1 section and chapter structure is the same across all Lightning Mk's (and is also similar to other aircraft too).

Also implemented the air brake switching, and rudder trim logic is now finished. Its complicated in the T5 as there are two sets of switches to be modelled, one takes priority over the other so I have been translating 1950's relay logic into Nasal if statements. The single seat aircraft will be more straightforward!

Working through the flight control systems Vol.1 section, next will be the switching of flaps, then elevator and aileron trim.

So pleased I previously modelled the DC power distribution system as now I am able to blow specific fuses to disable these circuits. Everything has got easier.

Of course this is all the unglamorous behind-the-scenes stuff that nobody will ever see, but it is giving this aircraft a more real feel.

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