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FlightNight Nov. 27 - Italian/French GA Mountain and Coastal Tour!


We'll meet at the appointed hour of 8 PM London Time at ICAO:LIMZ - Cuneo International Airport - in Italy. Please bring the GA/Light Aircraft of your choice from the FGUK Hangars that can attain/maintain 130 KIAS at altitudes up to 16,000' for an hours duration. Climb rate will be 1200 FPM when needed. Helicopters are welcome if they match the performance requirements.

This Flight may be tight time wise so please be prompt and ready to roll at Flight Time. We'll depart LIMZ and climb to 16K' and overfly LFMR, LFMA, and land for our midpoint refresh/refuel at LFML - Marseille Provence Airport - in Marseille, France.

After refresh we will roughly follow the coast to LFMQ, LFTH, LFTZ, LFMD and land at LFMN - Nice Cote d'Azur airport - in Nice, France. We'll be landing off the Sea at dusk /dark so practice accordingly in your chosen aircraft.

Lots of super cool stuff to see from mountain vistas to coasts, harbors, and light sticks galore so I hope to see a plethora of varied aircraft.

See ya there!


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'GA/Light Aircraft' -- what is 'GA'???

General Aviation.

Otherwise, non military

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2020.4 Photoscenery for next flightnight

OneDrive link



Add to your Custom Scenery and make active


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