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Legal Use of SkyVector For Simulation

Is it legal
No. But do it anyways.

Hi, I was just trying to svae my skyvector flightplan when i was faced with this... Is it legal to use skyvector for flight simulation

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SkyVector is a tool that's able to be used, and is designed for, real flight planning.

Although you can use it to plan for flight simulation you mustn't use it to "file" a flight plan as that will send it to the relevant air traffic controllers depending on the country and systems used en route.

If you're using it for simulation just go to the little "send plan to" export button just above and to the right of the aircraft "tail" box in the planning area and save it as a fpl.

There's lots of other sim based planners that are probably "safer" to use

Perhaps something like this: http://onlineflightplanner.org



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