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New Vulcan 3D model


A virtual friend asked me something and yes now its time for me to show you the new Vulcan. Its handmade with blender, like a cake dough. You need flour, eggs and water and then knead well.



Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot_20211202_130249.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_130421.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_130454.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_130617.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_130757.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_131013.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_131103.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_131200.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_131227.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_131413.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_131535.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_131837.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_132123.png
  • Screenshot_20211202_132710.png
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Blunt InstrumentEnRogueGEED

Pure juice, man!


Ill do this in German real quick:

Das wird ein Spass, das Teil in ein funktionerendes Flightgear-Modell umzuwandeln, speziell wenn das Cockpit hochdetailliert ist! Wie willst du die UV-Maps erstellen? Bisher wurde ja immer ein einziges Image genutzt, was meiner Meinung nach für so ein großes Modell eine insgesamt zu niedrige Auflösung bietet. Ich würde sehr gerne einzelne Images pro Detailbereich nutzen. Was denkste?

auch habe ich überlegt, hier mal in Blender das Texturieren zu versuchen, da ich der Meinung bin, dass das ein fantastisches Tool ist und gegenüber der klassischen Methode, in nem Image-Manipulator das ganze ohne die Sicht auf das 3D-Modell zu machen, ist weniger effizient als in Blender.


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Pure juice, man! LOL yes my friend !!!

Ja, das wird der richtige Weg sein, ich werde mehrere UV-Maps erstellen. Das Texturieren werde ich kombinieren mit Blender und Gimp, aber wie du weißt bin ich noch lange nicht so weit. Wenn ich UV-Maps fertig habe kannst du dich gerne daran beteiligen etwas zu malen, na klar Teamwork!

Eagle - you are without a doubt an artist!

I hope we can prevail upon you for more 3d models in future

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I really appreciate what you wrote, my friend EnRogue! Thanks for that.

That is a really excellent looking model! Well done!!

The old Vulcan used to annoy me with curved windscreens! Nice to see a model closer to the real thing.

Did you have any detailed measurements to work form or it is designed by referring to photographs etc..?

I have a copy of the Vulcan B. Mk.2 RAF "Vol1" books, which are less useful for 3d modelling the airframe, but may help with some details of the undercarriage etc... They are great for systems modelling though. If you want, drop me a PM with your email address and I will send them over to you.

Another thing I can offer you - a couple of years ago I took a bunch of detailed photographs inside B2 Vulcan XM594 thinking that one day they may help someone develop an FGFS Vulcan B2 model, are you doing the cockpit internals too? I can also send you these images if so.

My brother works doing 3D laser scanning surveys of bridges, highways etc.. unfortunately it's an expensive exercise as a commercial business, as I'd have loved to get some aircraft accurately scanned! The scanner produces a "point cloud", which gives you something to work to in a CAD package to create surfaces / meshes to.

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Hi Scotty,
modeling is based only from photos. Send me all your photos from the gears and the cockpit.

Cheers eagle

Hi Eagle,

If there's any references or resources etc you need for this please you have only to ask. We'll go out there and find 'em!


Hi Alex,

I got a lot of good stuff from Scott but I need more. I need the complete Navigator wall texture with all the instruments. It would be ideal to photograph every single instrument unit from the front. I know it sounds easy but it is not easy. It is a hard work with the camera.

I know these aren't what you want but some good resources maybe:
Scroll left and right here for some decent shots:

This page is old but has some hand drawn layout measurements that might be useful: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/38624-avro-vulcan-xm594-at-nam/



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