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Raytheon Beechcraft T-6 Texan II anyone?

Happy New Year to you all!


I like the wee single turboprop here in the form of the T-6, so I did a little New Year's Day painting.  Now has a dozen liveries.  But this one needs a little love - it has no cockpit tub and instrument panel.  Loaded it up into the Dev section, have a folder inside with various cockpit layouts depending on whether it's an A series or B / C.  Also included is a bumpmap and "clean" versions of all liveries to use if this is implemented.

Any takers??



eagle has reacted to this post.

I think we looked at this one before but I cant remember why  it was rejected.

Thanks Gary, I'll have a look.

Looks like the Iraqi AF livery might not have been uploaded?

Fixed it!



It's a nice model and having had a look at it could really do with some worthy effort.

It does need a tub though, if we can get a blank tub in there to work with it might be a go - but without that it's going to be above and beyond my limited skillset to get something usable in the cockpit. Perhaps one day I'll crack this 3D lark, I've only been trying for 20 years now. I remember signing up for a voluntary "3D CAD" course in my first job back in 2002 when I had to spend all my lunchbreaks for about 4 months learning how to CAD things, pipes mainly as it was for the waterboard but towards the end I tried to make the tail of a F22 and was just as bad at that as pipes.

One day, it's a goal, honest guv.


Anyone else fancy a crack at getting a tub in this thing?

Well, I've tried building a tub.  Can't promise anything - this is at the very periphery of my skill set, but UL'd into the Models folder of the T-6 in Dev.  Let me know if this is workable.  I believe that the seats need repositioning and editing (not quite the same is in the real Texan).  There's also an T-6A_Instruments ZIP file in the root T-6 folder, so maybe we have already a bunch of useable bits.


Thanks G, I'll have a look.