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SA-315B Lama V1.2 released

SA-315B Lama from FGUK

This workhorse of a helicopter has been a favourite of operators around the world since the 70’s and with some still in operation today it’s a testament to it’s capabilities.

This FGUK reproduction faithfully recreates the flight dynamics model as well as many visual improvements over the previous versions.
Bump mapping now added to the paintwork, a brand new fully operable electrical system and radio navigation capabilities.

In addition to this it has a new sound pack with vortex interaction and wind effects. From the previous version it carries over the long line payload functions and SAR recovery for multiplayer scenarios.

Directions for a full manual start are included to add to the realism of this wonderful little grafter.

Available for download from:


More FDM refinements.

Sound pack updated with new  Vortex interaction and wind FX.

Working ADF to replace the previous non working version.

GTX 327 Transponder.

Model changes – Cabin and Skids re scaled to  be more accurately sized.

New Bump mapping on the paintwork.

Numerous minor bug fixes.

Compositor based lighting

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